When your number one priority is your relationship with God, every other relationship falls into place.
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Tying the pieces back together… District 13’s newest resident, Finnick Odair.


Zachary Levi’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

And this is how you ice bucket challenge properly! 

Liam Hemsworth doing the ice bucket challenge for ALS

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No disappointment! You would have a heart of stone if you didn’t like that picture. It took my breath away.

I am disappointed because I gave in but it was a nice picture. :)

lifeloveanddance asked:
You know you can't resist that certain someone! :)

Mel! I have been sober from that certain someone for nearly two weeks!! I have literally gone days without liking or reblogging anything that involves him and then I see one close up picture of his jaw and chest and I fall off the wagon. I am disappointed in myself. 

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